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2021-2022 Winter: Average to Slightly Above-Average

During the winter months we closely watch how the winter conditions will impact not only our next season’s Idaho Big Game Hunting opportunities, but also how the winter will impact big game populations throughout our permitted area for the next several years to come.

First, Pinpoint Outfitters LLC uses Idaho SNOTEL to quantify the density of the snowpack through what is known as “Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) % of Normal”. We are in the Clearwater Region of Idaho and as of April 17, 2022 the winter conditions for the entire region averages out as 98% of normal. Specifically, we can determine that our permitted area conditions are approximately 106% of normal. This is great news!

Second, we use available Idaho Fish and Game information regarding Deer fawn and Elk calf survival rates. This helps use predict future Deer and Elk populations to assess what scale our business can honestly support with quality hunting opportunities. Another item we focus on is the Deer fawning and Elk calving season. As conservationist, we purposely schedule our peak Spring Bear season at the same time the Deer are fawning and Elk are calving. Keeping the bears on our bait sites during this time keeps them away from the Deer and Elk thus increasing fawn and calf survivability in our area. Another reason why #huntingisconservation.

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For the next 30 days we hope for below average temperature to slow the snow melt. This will help delay green up and hopefully reduce Summer & Fall fire impacts and sustain viable food sources for our Idaho Black Bear Hunts and Idaho Elk Hunts in 2022.

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