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Recent Idaho legislation has considerably opened wolf hunting opportunities in our area through the use of “expanded hunting methods”. We encourage hunters to purchase a Wolf Tag for every hunt we conduct just in case a shot opportunity presents itself. Dedicated wolf hunts take place November – March primarily over snow using snowmobiles, tracked ATVs or Side-by-sides, and 4×4 vehicles. Our hunts take place on a combination of public and private property using electronic calls and other expanded hunting methods.

Expanded hunting methods allowed per IDFG:

  • Weapon restrictions (for hunting big game) do not apply for wolf hunting.
  • Exemption from shooting hours and allowance for spotlight or night vision equipment. Written permission from the landowner is required on private land, and a permit from the Director of Fish and Game is required on public land, which is consistent with requirements for spotlighting coyotes at night.
  • Hunting wolves over bait is allowed on private land with landowner permission.
  • Motorized vehicle restrictions for hunting big game do not apply for wolf hunting.
  • Dogs may be used to pursue wolves, and no hound hunter permit is required.

There is no doubt a wolf hunt will be extremely challenging and hard earned. But with any hunt, getting outdoors and investing the time and effort is bound to be the most critical element.

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