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Pinpoint Outfitters LLC has several excellent Whitetail and Mule Deer hunting options. Our licensed area is primarily Whitetail Deer (~75% of the population) and some Mule Deer (~25% of the population). Our hunts take place on a combination of public and private property over logging clear cuts, creek basins with open meadows and high mountain wilderness areas using several different methods. Primarily spot & stalk hunting takes place, but we can accommodate ground blind and tree stand hunting dependent on your physical abilities and hunting desires. Also, we can hunt from horseback as well to reach deep into the backcountry.

We offer the following deer hunts:

  • Archery only/any deer from Aug 30th – Sep 30th. Both Antlered and Antlerless
  • Any weapon/any deer from Oct 10th – Nov 03rd. Both Antlered and Antlerless
  • Any weapon/Whitetail deer only from Oct 10th – Nov 20th. Both Antlered and Antlerless
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