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Hunting Rocky Mountain Elk is not only a passion of many but a bucket list hunt for most. We offer both trophy Archery Elk hunts in September and Rifle Elk hunts each October. All our Elk hunts are fair chase on a combination of public land and private property. We do not offer any High Fence or Elk farm type hunts.

Elk Tags in our area are sold over-the-counter on a first come/first serve basis through Idaho Fish and Game. We also have limited allocated tags that are specific to Pinpoint Outfitters LLC. We will happily assist you through the tag purchasing process. It is fairly simple.

Success rates are VERY hunter dependent. Hunters must be able to walk in rugged terrain, be proficient with their weapons and take instructions from guides. Hunters who are significantly out of shape and unable to shoot their weapon from many different positions greatly reduce the chances of a successful elk harvest.

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